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SLBAM: Carter Hart in Montreal, it would be yes

What’s up gang. How’s your playoff pool so far? For my part, I’m hitting for barely 50%, which isn’t great. Not for nothing, I’ve never done that before, and I don’t think I’ll be doing it again either.

Now for this week’s questions. I’m currently at Montreal Meltdown, which is the biggest showcase in the province. I’m doing the article between two parties. No, I don’t like playing field hockey in the summer. But I do like to help out my friend Marc Lapointe, who looks after the Redhawks.

As far as I’m concerned, to receive, you have to give. I’d be tempted to say yes, but I wouldn’t add a first-round pick, unless he’s very far away and it all depends on what we’re talking about as another young player.

If we’re talking about Caufield, for example, a big no. If we’re talking about Joshua Roy, I might be tempted.

But making this move ensures that the Habs have a goalie of the future who has plenty of experience in the league, but more importantly, who won’t have to wait and develop for several years before he’s ready for the NHL.

He’s had his ups and downs, but in the playoffs, he’s always been good. With a good team in front of him, trustworthy people and a reset, he could become THE goalie everyone thought they were going to see.

This would mean that the CH could or would aim for top honors more quickly and wouldn’t need to go looking for a goalie on the free agent market, unless he doesn’t do the job, something you don’t want after this trade.

Now, as many coaches like to say about goalies, does he have the mental strength to play in Montreal and is everything OK on his end? Time will tell.

Well, that was a mistake, since I didn’t get back to you. I apologize, it slipped into my list of questions to answer. Thomas Grégoire will be staying in Europe, so we can cross his name off the list. Hardy Haman Aktell, whom I had targeted, is now a member of the Capitals.

Otherwise, there’s no real movement at the moment. However, a number of things could move quickly with the signing of Miroshnichenko. If he was able to leave the KHL, we’ll have to see if others follow suit.

Funny to say, but to re-injure yourself or not be ready. But above all, to have lost your position, because at the professional level, it’s easy to lose your position if you’re not a top 6, for example.

If you lose your position or others pass you by, it affects you enormously, and you don’t want to end up in the AHL with a lower salary and so on.

After that, the longer you’re away, the longer you’ll be waiting to get back. It happens in all sports after long injuries.

Also, the longer you’re out, the longer it takes to get back into game shape and synchronization. So there’s never anything positive about an injury.


I still have some questions for next week, I love it. I’ll see you next week with new questions and old ones I couldn’t answer.

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