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Marc Bergevin understands what Kyle Dubas is going through right now

If there’s one person who knows about the NHL’s tough markets, it’s Marc Bergevin. The former CH general manager, who is currently being interviewed by a number of NHL teams, has seen it all in his time in Montreal.

Whether it was his transactions, his draft picks or even his haircuts, Bergevin left no one indifferent, and in a market like the Sainte-Flanelle’s, that leaves its mark, and not just on him.

The family is also affected, and it’s very difficult to live with over a long period of time.

All this to say that Bergevin could well understand Kyle Dubas, when the latter appeared before the cameras this week. He seemed exhausted and spoke openly about the pressure he was under on a daily basis.

Pierre LeBrun, of TSN and The Athletic, made the rounds of general managers and others who might understand Dubas. He dropped Bergevin a line to ask him what he thought of the whole situation.

The latter mentioned that Dubas was a young general manager in the NHL when he took over the Maple Leafs and that he was very respectful with everyone.

He went on to talk about Montreal and Toronto, in his opinion the two markets with the most pressure in the NHL, as the fans are extremely passionate.

Where it gets interesting is that LeBrun mentions that during his exchange with Bergevin, he felt that the former CH GM didn’t think it was the worst thing in the world for Dubas to leave Toronto.

Dubas had mentioned that he wanted to consult his family before deciding whether to come back, something he never got the chance to do, as Brendan Shanahan decided to end his stay in Toronto.

One thing remains constant: the next GM in Toronto will have to have the nerve to take on the role, and candidates don’t come in packs of 100.

This situation prompts me to reflect once again on the consequences of what people say on social networks. Everyone’s human, and if criticism could remain constructive, I’m sure all markets, including Montreal and Toronto, would become healthier.


– It smells like soccer in Montreal.

– Still unreal.

– Quite interesting.

– All over again.

– We’re far from panicking.

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