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Mike Babcock: back in the running for vacant head coaching positions
Credit: A coach under pressure
Not so long ago, Mike Babcock was recognized as one of the best coaches on the Bettman circuit. After years of success with the Red Wings, he tried to take the Maple Leafs to the top, but was unable to do so.

His reputation was tarnished at the end of his time in Toronto. A few rather ordinary things he did, including the famous incident involving Mitch Marner and the list of players who weren’t working hard enough (which Babcock partially denied), led to him being seen as a “bully”.

That said, despite his reputation and the fact that he announced his retirement a few months ago, it would seem that a return to the NHL is not totally out of the question. In fact, his name is circulating all over the place for head coaching positions that are currently vacant.

The Blue Jackets, for example, have reportedly been talking to him on the subject.

However, they’re not the only ones with an interest: Babcock’s name has also been mentioned in New York, while the Rangers are also looking for a coach following the departure of Gerard Gallant.

He’s far from the only candidate in the running, though.

I don’t know if the Capitals, Flames and Ducks have also chatted with the former Red Wings and Maple Leafs coach, but clearly, Babcock seems to have a real chance of being considered for a coaching position in the league.

Then again, one can’t help but feel that there’s still some “coach recycling” going on in the NHL. After all, a guy like Babcock is now 60 and still being considered for a job despite a long absence. Guys like Bruce Boudreau and Peter Laviolette are also popular names, even though they’ve lost their jobs in recent months.

And over at the Ducks, we know that Andrew Brunette, who managed the Panthers last season, has been contacted by the club.

I sincerely wonder if any team will decide to hire Babcock. He fits the “recycled” coach profile that often comes up in hirings, and I wonder if they’ll still turn to the past rather than go with new blood.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think he’ll get a job, but seeing his name in the rumor mill is worth mentioning.

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