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Geoff Molson isn’t afraid to talk about rebuilding (and deem it indispensable).

Yesterday, Geoff Molson spoke to the Montreal media. This doesn’t happen every day, so we’re inclined to listen carefully.

And what stands out, particularly in this La Presse article, is that the Canadiens’ owner was not afraid to talk about reconstruction (something that had not yet happened in black and white in Montreal) and to deem it indispensable.

Why? Because the game has changed. Because the game has changed.

In the 1970s, rebuilding wasn’t necessary. And after that, the Habs either won or made resets on the fly, which didn’t necessitate a real rebuild.

But Mr. Molson, who isn’t worried about Cole Caufield’s contractual situation, knows very well that things are different now. The NHL has changed, and the CH was there.

Now, the Habs must add important pieces for the future.

We’re talking more about the big pieces we need to improve than about the time frame in which we’d like to achieve our goals. – Geoff Molson

Without going into too much detail, the Canadiens’ owner is of the opinion that some big pieces are coming, and that this will help the club get back on track to win its 25th Stanley Cup.

And as reported in the Journal de Montréal, just because the club is in Canada doesn’t mean the mission is impossible. Geoff Molson sees no link between the country and winning the Cup.

But back to the pieces.

The Canadiens’ controlling shareholder was told by his field hockey men, Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes, what they were looking for to build the Canadiens of the future.

We need to be bigger, faster and more talented. – Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton to Geoff Molson

We knew the Habs wanted a fast, talented club, and we’ve heard stories recently that they’re looking to get a little bigger, especially at the draft.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Does this mean that, de facto, smaller players won’t be drafted? Not necessarily, no. After all, Filip Mesar, Oewn BEck and (especially) Lane Hutson aren’t big.

But with equal talent…

In brief

– Speaking of Lane Hutson.

– Still.

– Attention junior fans.

– Nice little link, that.

– The Mets are on a roll.

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