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Clayton Keller’s father says his son won’t play for the Coyotes next year

Reactions are rife following recent developments concerning the Coyotes’ future in Arizona. Last night, we learned that citizens voted 56% against an amphitheatre project in Tempe, which leads us to believe that the team will be moving sooner rather than later.

Well, some might say… But you can understand that there are people out there who are disappointed by the way things have turned out. Clayton Keller is one of them.

Shortly after the announcement, the Coyotes player took to his Twitter account to express his disappointment. He tweeted a baboonish man, and his short message said it all.

And then… things took a completely different turn when his father decided to get involved. Bryan Keller, from his own Twitter account, commented on the Coyotes’ post, which said the organization was ” very disappointed that Tempe voters did not approve the proposals in question”

Saying out loud that his son wasn’t going to start next season in a team uniform. He also added that other players on the team can be expected to follow suit.

His comments, which can be seen in the second and third slides of the following publication, have since been removed:

This is big. When I saw it, the first thing I thought in my head was…

Coudonc! He’s not embarrassed, Mr. Keller!

I have a hard time seeing players’ parents get involved in stories like that. I didn’t like seeing Keith Tkachuk speak ill of his son Matthew’s team… But let’s just say that Keith’s strategy worked, because since he said the Panthers were soft, they’ve been winning non-stop.

But the case of Bryan and Clayton Keller is different. The father reveals the son’s intentions out loud, and he shouldn’t do that. I find it very, very hard to believe that the 24-year-old was so happy to see his father say things like that in public…


It will be interesting to see what happens next in this somewhat “touched” case. After all, the Coyotes are under no obligation to trade Keller if they don’t want to… And that’s where this whole story could get a little murky.

On the other hand, if Clayton Keller is “made” available to various NHL teams, GMs will be calling for his services. We’re talking about a young, versatile player who scored 86 points in 82 games last season… And he’s only 24.

Could Kent Hughes be on the case, given that we know he wants to add a talented young player in the coming months by way of transaction?


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