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Allan Walsh proposes moving the Coyotes to Ontario
Once in a while, when current events permit, the idea of installing a third franchise in Ontario is discussed in the media.

The town of Markham is the one most often considered, as it once had the very real ambition of building an amphitheatre and bringing an NHL club… 45 minutes from downtown Toronto.

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Allan Walsh, a proud supporter of the project, went back on the idea of expanding the Toronto market for money reasons.

In a series of two tweets, the player agent begins by mentioning that his heart tells him the NHL should return to Quebec City, but his head tells him that a third franchise in Ontario would benefit the circuit.

“The team would immediately be in the top 3 for revenue. We have a 50-50 salary cap and the League has a moral obligation to maximize field hockey revenues. A second team [in Toronto] would be a revenue-generating monster.”

-Allan Walsh

There’s no doubt that the Toronto market, in terms of population and wealth, can accommodate two NHL teams.

But in 2023, when the Maple Leafs are 106 years old, would a loyal fan base really be born with a new team? It’s more than legitimate to doubt it.

The people of Markham are Maple Leafs fans, and when they want to see field hockey, they go downtown. Hamilton, 1 hour to the west, is also (obviously) full of Leafs fans. And field hockey fans who aren’t Toronto fans normally prefer the Red Wings and Sabres.

Why try to upset the allegiance of a region that has loved field hockey for a hundred years?

Money. Imagine the resounding slap in the face if Toronto were to have a second team before Quebec City got its Nordiques back…


In a gust

– Difficult.

– Convincing victory.

– It will be a few years before we really know.

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