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Series shows CH needs to draft an excellent goalie
When a team wins the Stanley Cup, we often see teams inspired by the model. This is only natural, since a winning club has understood something that others have not.

But on the other hand, can we learn from those who have lost? Yes.

When you see the way the Oilers and Maple Leafs lost, you realize how important the defensive aspect is. We all know the adage that defensive players win championships.

Let’s transpose that to the CH. Defensively, it should have no trouble building something good when it comes to the blue line, since there are plenty of hopefuls.

But what about the net?

As we all know, the Canadiens still haven’t officially named their goaltender of the future. Maybe he’s already in Montreal… but maybe we need to draft a good one this year.

Grant McCagg, who wants to see the CH draft a goalie fairly early in the next auction, slipped in a word on the subject.

In his opinion, the fact that the Maple Leafs and Oilers won’t get any further than the Habs in 2021, despite having more explosive offenses, shows that Kent Hughes needs to go out and get a big goalie.

He wants to see Michael Hrabal selected by the CH late in the first round to see the goalie pipeline replenished with big talent. Obviously, I agree with the principle.

After all, the CH has three top-37 picks, and they’ll definitely need to add some talent in front of the net to become a good team again. And like a goalie, it takes time to develop…

I think the example of the 2021 series is a good one, because without Phillip Danault (defensive prowess) and Carey Price, let’s just say the Habs wouldn’t have reached the Stanley Cup finals.

Based on the 2021 and 2023 series, it’s clear that the CH must draft a goaltender. And based on the club’s pool of prospects, it’s clear that this goalie needs to be drafted sooner rather than later.

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– Really?

– Ryan O’Reilly on his future.

– It’s rumor season.

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– He’s no good.

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