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Marc Bergevin interviewed to become Penguins GM
Credit: This man was still the Habs' GM when Gallagher scored his most recent goal.
The Pittsburgh Penguins are looking for a new general manager. They fired general manager Ron Hextall and president of field hockey operations Brian Burke on April 14. Marc Bergevin appears to be in the running for the job.

TSN’s Pierre LeBrun confirmed on Monday that the Penguins have interviewed between 10 and 12 candidates via videoconference for the general manager position, and that Marc Bergevin is one of them.

Marc Bergevin played for the Pittsburgh Penguins during his NHL career.

Bergevin has been an advisor to Los Angeles Kings general manager Rob Blake since January 2022. He was fired from the Montreal Canadiens in November 2021, after serving as the team’s general manager.

There’s still no word on who will be going through to the next round of interviews, but there are plenty of rumors circulating about the names of potential candidates.

Frank Seravalli recently revealed that Mathieu Darche could be on the list.

Mathieu Darche has been assistant general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning since 2019.

The other known candidates according to Pierre LeBrun are Hurricanes assistant general manager Eric Tulsky, Sabres associate general manager Jason Karmanos and Peter Chiarelli, who previously served as general manager of the Oilers and Bruins.

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– The strategy works in Vegas.

– I personally think so.

– This is not encouraging news.

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