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“It’s pretty quiet in Toronto” – Matthew Tkachuk
As everyone saw and appreciated last night, the Toronto Maple Leafs were eliminated in five short games by the Florida Panthers.

Unfortunately, Montreal Canadiens fans can’t be entirely happy to see the Leafs go down, given that the Panthers’ first-round pick now moves from 17th to 29th in the upcoming draft.

Still, Sheldon Keefe’s troupe is now on vacation, which didn’t seem to bother some Leafs players too much last night during the handshake between the two teams.

You could see the disappointment in the faces of Maple Leafs fans last night.

Frustration, but also regret for having wanted so much to face the Panthers.

After their victory over the Lightning, Maple Leafs fans were calling for a Panthers victory over the Bruins, because they considered Florida an easier opponent than the Bruins.

We know the rest.

In short, Leafs fans have really spoken too soon, completely forgetting their favorite team’s history of “choke”.

And Matthew Tkachuk made a point of reminding us of this in all his interviews last night.

He was quick to point out that he found the city of Toronto very quiet after the meeting, and that he didn’t hear any “We want Florida”.

Sothe Hart Trophy nominee really made sure Leafs fans felt put in their place after showing too much confidence after their first first-round win since 2004.

Next time, I think fans will think twice before asking for a specific opponent.


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