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False rumor links Tyler Toffoli to the Canadiens
Many Canadiens fans miss Tyler Toffoli. During his short two-season stint with the Habs, he was so effective offensively that he caught the eye of the Calgary Flames, who picked him up in a trade.

Even though he’s doing an excellent job offensively, Toffoli may have to change his address this summer. His market value is excellent right now, as he finished the season as the Flames’ leading scorer with 73 points. That puts him ahead of big names like Jonathan Huberdeau and Nazem Kadri, at just $4.25 million a year. A real bargain!

To top it all off, Toffoli has just one season left on his contract. He’ll become a luxury rental player for the 2023-24 season.

If the Flames don’t make a move this summer, they’ll be in trouble financially. Jonathan Huberdeau’s salary will increase by $4.6 million and MacKenzie Weegar’s by $3 million. They were already flirting with the salary cap and are technically still under it, but won’t be able to sign any more players.

This is where Tyler Toffoli’s transaction comes in. In addition to potentially bringing in big money for the future, such as young prospects or draft picks, Toffoli can free up space for the Flames to extend their free agents.

Several destinations are possible. The site nhltraderumor. com, however, has started a false rumor that the Canadiens could pick up Tyler Toffoli in a trade. Another site, NHL Trade Rumors, then published an article linking the CH to the Ontario forward.

We’ll tell you right now. This is highly unlikely to happen. These rumors are not true. In fact, the site was based on a comment from an Internet user who would love to see Toffoli back in a CH uniform. Sure, I wouldn’t say no to seeing Toffoli back with the Habs, but he’s not what the team needs right now.

To acquire him, the Canadiens won’t be able to send other players, because Calgary is looking to save money. Kent Hughes would have to sacrifice draft picks or prospects to get Toffoli. In the current rebuilding situation, that would be madness. Note that the trade that sent Tyler Toffoli to Calgary was Kent Hughes’ first major transaction at the helm of the Habs.

As much as we love him, we have to forget it. By arriving in Montreal, he would also be taking the place of several young players who are trying to establish themselves with the Habs and develop in the big leagues.

There are, however, several other teams that could benefit from having Tyler Toffoli in their line-up. He’s a player who can do almost anything, and he’s got heart. Perfect for the playoffs. All the title contenders should be interested. He’s inexpensive, his contract expires at the end of next season and he produces very well offensively.

In gusto

– A great feat in Florida.

– The Montreal CF has some good relief.

– Oops.

– Not sure about the idea.

– We hope he carves out a position with the Falcons.

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