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Stéphane Waite: The Canadiens should draft a goalie in the first round
When the Henrik Lundqvist era ended in New York, the Rangers could already count on Igor Shesterkin, who was sure to be his successor.

The Habs have thrown a few lines in the water in recent years, but haven’t managed to do the same.

The result? Carey Price is gone, and I’m bored.

Yes, I just made a subtle reference to the song “Un phoque en Alaska” by Beau Dommage.

Anyway… The Canadiens haven’t found their new flame. Since Zach Fucale (2013), Montreal hasn’t picked a goalie until the fifth round (Dobes and Dichow). It hasn’t rolled the dice on goalies favored by scouts, but rather on obscure goalies for whom the future is more volatile.

That’s why Stéphane Waite believes it’s high time for the Montreal organization to bet on a first-round goaltender at the draft. If the Panthers beat the Leafs to the 29th pick, it would be a perfect opportunity to do so, according to the former goaltending coach.

“It’s time to draft a goalie we know is going to play in the NHL. I can even name you three names the Habs should target in the late first round. Carson Bjarnason, Michael Hrabal and Alexander Hellnemo.”

-Stéphane Waite

Okay, a little clarification: we don’t “know” that any of these three goalies will ever make it to the NHL.

In fact, the provenance of a #1 goalie is very unique, and difficult to predict. There’s something for everyone, and almost more aren’t first-rounders than are.

On that note, here’s an excessively interesting read from The Athletic on the subject.

Does that mean we shouldn’t try? Absolutely not, and Stéphane Waite is not wrong in his thinking. After all, we can have as much offensive punch as we want, as we’re seeing with the Maple Leafs right now.

In a gust

– A win-win!

– In the end…

– Interesting.

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