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Matvei Michkov’s attitude and Montreal: a potentially incompatible mix

Right now, when it comes to Matvei Michkov, there’s a war going on between the yes camp and the no camp. Okay, I think I’ll choose a different way of putting it this morning.

There’s a war going on between those who say yes, they’d fish him out and those who say no. Is that better? Is that better?

The young man’s family, his size, his contract and the Russian threat are all factors that, at the moment, make it hard to conceive of any team wanting to take a top pick to select him.

He represents a major dilemma for all teams.

All this to say that there’s one aspect that seems to be a little forgotten when it comes to Mishkov: how can the young man deal with the pressure of an NHL player?

In Montreal, it’s even more important than elsewhere.

When you dig around a bit to see what’s being said on the subject, you realize that there may be a red flag there too. But why? Because it’s not perfect in that respect.

Do you remember this?

It’s not my job to describe my game. – Matvei Michkov

You may find that his comments in December 2021 are ancient history, but seeing him refuse to answer a simple question to journalists raises a little red flag for me.

And there are more journalists in Montreal than in Anaheim, Columbus, San Jose or Tempe, aren’t there?

Sounds a bit like what Andrei Markov once said to reporters here. That hasn’t stopped him from enjoying success here, of course, but his attitude in front of the media has always been the talk of the town.

That’s the kind of thing it’s good to know before choosing a player in the draft when you’re in Montreal.

This doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident: a few months ago, Ryan Kennedy (The Hockey News) wrote a piece in which he mentioned that he’d been told about the young man’s attitude.

Some scouts raised flags. Is that why he was loaned out by his KHL club this year?

The idea isn’t to simply spit on the young man, who’s brimming with talent. But if Martin St-Louis is trying to build a culture with the Habs, don’t you think it’s taking notice?

In my eyes, it’s noticeable.

Don’t you think that Shane Wright, who wouldn’t have the attitude of the century, was drafted fourth simply because of his talent? #LookAtTheCanadian

Note that it is possible to change, in life. And the CH needs to know if this is a trait the youngster possesses, because if not, the mix could end up being explosive.

In gusto

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