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Matvei Michkov may not crack draft top-10

By drafting fifth, the Canadiens will have a big decision to make. After all, there will still be (at least) one “honorary top-5” player available for GM Kent Hughes.

We’re talking about Connor Bedard, Adam Fantilli, Matvei Michkov, Leo Carlsson and Will Smith.

But if it’s Michkov who slips, will the CH want to be the first team to drop out of the top-5, knowing there’s one more talented player left on the roster?

Note that if the CH goes elsewhere, the question will fall to the Coyotes. Will the Arizona club want to draft him with their sixth pick if the CH passes?

The Coyotes’ case, in fact, is different. Why is that? Because the Arizona team also has a first-round pick at 12th overall, which could change things.

After all, it’s not impossible for Michkov to emerge from the top-10.

In fact, Cam Robinson (working for Elite Prospects) and Dany Dubé (speaking toMario Langlois) both believe that the chances of the Russian slipping into the draft are very high indeed.

They said so recently, in the same vein as everyone else who has said so in recent weeks.

Obviously, this is no great surprise, but more like another confirmation. After all, we all know the risks associated with Michkov’s candidacy.

And it goes beyond the fact that he’s under contract in the KHL until 2026.

Because the player could be taken to Russia, his style of play is controversial and the circumstances surrounding his father’s death are considered nebulous, questions arise.

In fact, he’s a scout’s nightmare.

After all, a recruiter who recommends him to his boss may seem crazy if the young person doesn’t come to North America. On the contrary, a recruiter who’s afraid to recommend him or her could be in for a rude awakening.

My feeling? He’ll slip through the draft… and by the end of the decade, some club will be glad to have him in its ranks.


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