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Evgeny Kuznetsov “has wanted to change teams for a long time”, says his agent

I’d like to start this text with a little confidence.

Evgeny Kuznetzov is a player I love to watch. I’ve always found him to have a great skating stroke, a good feel for the game… And I love what he can bring to a team offensively on the ice. At least, when he wants to play.

That’s the problem with him. There are nights when he can be the best player on the ice for both teams… And there are others when he’s practically invisible. Maybe the fact that he’s “tired of Washington” plays a part too.

Basically, the comments of his agent, Sergei Fedotov, aren’t necessarily positive about his future in Washington. The latter confided that his client “has wanted to change teams for a long time” and that, at the moment, he “doesn’t get that joy out of playing field hockey anymore”.

Nothing less.

Fedotov also confided in Kuznetsov that the relationship between the player and Peter Laviolette wasn’t great because of the team’s style of play.

For all the above reasons, Sergei Fedotov feels that the Caps’ star player needs a change of scenery.

Obviously, we shouldn’t be surprised if the scorer of 55 points in 81 games last season is traded in the next few months.

At least, when you see his agent speaking ill of his situation in Washington like that… Those are the clues it gives.

In the summer of 2021, Mitch Gallo (TSN) wondered if the Russian would be a good fit in Montreal, and at the time, I wrote in a piece that the Habs didn’t need a problem player like him.

Let’s not forget the cocaine story, let’s not forget the time he confessed that he hadn’t trained during the summer to party instead…

Hell, no.

I’m still hearing the same thing today. The Habs don’t need him, and even on the ice, I don’t think his addition would necessarily be positive for the future.

And, with the culture the organization has been building over the past few months… No. No, and no.

Here again: I love Evgeny Kuznetsov as a player. But the “fit” just isn’t there.

He can certainly help one of the Bettman teams because, at 30, he’s still got some great years ahead of him. Let’s not forget that in 2021-2022, he finished the season with a superb 78 points in 79 games.

In gusto

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