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Simon Boisvert: Logan Mailloux is not as good as we think
There are some hopefuls in the CH organization who are the talk of the town, while others are a little under the radar.

Logan Mailloux falls into the first category.

After all, Mailloux gets a lot of attention because he’s a bit special for obvious reasons that I don’t think I need to share. That said…

On the ice, the defenseman had an excellent season in the OHL. He has 53 points (25 goals) in 57 regular-season games, and since the start of the playoffs, he has 17 points (six goals) in 15 games.

He’s often talked about as a possible future CH quarterback at the blue line, and what he’s done this year in junior shows he’s got the talent to get there. At least, that’s the opinion shared by most experts and fans alike.

Simon Boisvert, however, disagrees. The “Snake” was on Tony Marinaro’s podcast last night, and he didn’t hesitate before saying out loud that Mailloux isn’t as good as people think.

His main argument?

We shouldn’t give a damn about the kid’s production this year because he was “playing in his 20th year”.

I’ll let you listen to the following before continuing.

Boisvert’s comments are a little misguided, because Mailloux actually turned 20 about three weeks ago (April 15). He played most of the season when he was 19.

Above all, I agree with Marinaro when he says that Mailloux has what it takes to become a good NHL player. He’s big, skates well, has a good shot and is more than capable of handling the puck.

Of course, at the moment, we don’t really know what to expect, because the player hasn’t had much time to develop. But, from what we’re seeing right now and what we’ve seen this year, it’s a little hard to criticize anything about the young defenseman’s game.

I’m not saying he’ll automatically become a superstar because he had a good junior season. I’m just saying that we shouldn’t use his age to determine whether he’s good or not.

In fact, there’s a reason many scouts had him fairly high on their list for the 2021 draft.

Michel Therrien, who was Philly’s assistant coach at the time, confided that the Flyers had him ranked between 10th and 15th, but ultimately chose to let him go for the reasons we know today.

It just goes to show the youngster’s potential and how he was perceived before he made his mistake.


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– Changes to Memorial Cup rules.

– I agree.

– She’ll be one to watch.

– Reinforcement for the Bronx Bombers.

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