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Host mocks Zach Whitecloud’s Aboriginal surname

Sometimes it’s better to say nothing than to get into trouble. ESPN’s John Anderson understood this when he stirred up controversy by making fun of Golden Knights defenseman Zach Whitecloud’s last name.

While commenting on the highlights of Game 3 of the series between the Golden Knights and Oilers, Anderson wanted to make a joke that didn’t go over well.

“What kind of name is Whitecloud? It’s a good name if you’re toilet paper!” – John Anderson

Here’s the clip in question:

You might think it’s just a little joke, but Zach Whitecloud is a member of the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, a First Nation in Manitoba. Whitecloud is the first player from this nation to reach the NHL, and he’s often talked about it in recent years.

Anderson was unaware of the situation and quickly apologized to the Vegas player.

The day after the incident, Whitecloud confirmed to the media that he forgives John Anderson, explaining that people make mistakes and that this is a learning situation for many.

The two men involved in this matter reacted very well. On the one hand, John Anderson wasted no time in apologizing, and on the other, Zach Whitecloud remained calm and professional in a situation that would have frustrated many.

John Anderson has been a member of the ESPN team since 1999. You can learn something new every day, even when you’ve been in the business for more than 20 years.

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