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Adam Fantilli to sleep through draft lottery

Minutes before the 2016 NHL Draft lottery, Patrik Laine gave one of the most peculiar interviews ever seen in the field hockey world. Lying on his couch at 3 a.m. in Finland, Laine was about to find out which team would win the lottery, and with it, the second overall pick – and he didn’t seem any more stressed than that.

This year, the second most coveted prospect in the draft will also be in Europe when Bill Daly announces the order of the next draft.

Adam Fantilli, in Romania for the World Championship, won’t be staying up until 2 a.m. to find out which club will draft him second. The Canadian forward will find out tomorrow morning when he wakes up in his hotel.

Not stressed, the guy.

That’s what this article in The Athletic says.

“Not a chance. I don’t think I’m going to set an alarm to wake up. We have some pretty tough practices here. I guess I’ll wake up and learn it in the morning.”

-Adam Fantilli

Of course, it would be nice to know. We can imagine, however, that it would be interminable to answer everyone in the middle of the night, and that it might be difficult to get back to sleep afterwards.

Nevertheless, Fantilli is calm about the situation. “Knowing the order will be nice, and we all have our own ideas, but nothing is certain until draft day.”

The hopeful takes pains to point out that his phone, on Do Not Disturb, could ring if his parents or brother called during the night.

The Ducks (18.8%), Blue Jackets (14.1%), Blackhawks (11.2%), Sharks (9.5%) and Canadiens (8.6%) have the best chances of getting the second pick. The Senators, the last eligible team, still have a 5.1% chance of winning it.

PS: As Fantilli says, nothing is decided until the day itself, although he is considered the second-best prospect in the 2023 draft.

En Rafale

– Unsurprisingly, Bennedict Mathurin is rewarded for his rookie season.

– No confirmation for Leafs starting goaltender Wednesday.

– Marco Rossi will be with Austria for the World Championship.

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