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Gerard Gallant could be a candidate for the Jackets head coaching position
Two days ago, the Rangers and Gerard Gallant decided to go their separate ways. The news took the field hockey world by surprise, however.

At the moment, in addition to New York, the Blue Jackets, Ducks and Flames are without a head coach. Could any of these teams be interested in Gallant? According to Aaron Portzline, he could be a prime candidate in Columbus, having just fired Brad Larsen.

Two years ago, Gallant was very interested in the head coaching position in Ohio. Is he still? After all, the team is less competitive than it was two seasons ago…

Columbus was the first team with which he was head coach. From 2003-2004 to 2006-2007, he maintained a 56-76-6 record. He also had four draws in 2003-2004.

While many believe that a return to the bench is just a formality, Michel Bergeron believes that he will never return to the NHL.

According to Le Tigre, Gallant has enough money and has made enough mileage in his career. Bergy believes it’s more a case of “dismissal in disguise” than of Gallant’s departure.

It’s said that both parties agreed to part ways, but this is a constructive dismissal. It means “go home, the cheque’s in the trunk, but don’t speak against us”. Just like it happened to Paul Maurice last year with the Jets. – Michel Bergeron

On another note, the former Nordiques coach dreams of seeing Patrick Roy replace Gallant. He thinks the time is right for the current Remparts coach. Remember that he said a few days ago that he’d like to see Patrick behind the Senators’ bench… and the same goes for Yvon Pedneault.

In any case, Roy would have a great challenge in both Ottawa and New York. Both have good young teams with playoff aspirations. And it’s not as if he doesn’t have experience with young players…

As for Gallant, I wonder if Bergy is right and his coaching career is well and truly over. Personally, I think he still has a place in the NHL (unlike Darryl Sutter) and could have one (last) chance. To be seen.

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