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One word to describe the state of the Leafs right now: “Frustration”.

Last night, the Leafs lost Game 2 of their series against the Florida Panthers. What’s the big story a few hours after the game?

The fact that everyone in the organization seems to be frustrated right now.

First, Kyle Dubas had another angry episode, but instead of taking it out on opposing fans…

Instead, he decided to vent his frustration by throwing his water bottle. And, let’s just say, the Leafs’ GM didn’t go quietly:

After the game, it was Ilya Samsonov who looked really cr*ssed.

Asked about the performance of Sergei Bobrovsky, who is playing some excellent field hockey at the moment. Samsonov was asked if he found it challenging to see his opponent dominate in front of him…

Samsonov chose to respond with the big words.

I’m c*lice. – Ilya Samsonov

This has the merit of being clear.

Mines were low after the game, both on the organizational side and on the fan side.

In all this adversity, I especially liked Ryan O’Reilly’s outburst. When I said that “everyone in the organization seems to be frustrated at the moment”, I may have been a little wrong.

The former Blues captain, who has playoff experience and is a Stanley Cup champion, reminded everyone that there’s still a lot of field hockey to be played.

O’Reilly was acquired to bring leadership to the Toronto room, and yesterday he did just that. He knows what it takes to win, and it shows.

One thing we can agree on. The series is far from over. Very far indeed.

That’s why I think it’s a bit pointless to see the Leafs getting so worked up. On the other hand, it shows character and passion, aspects that have often been criticized in Toronto in recent years.

The players have always wanted to win, which makes sense. But this year, they seem to want it even more.

The series is now two-nil in favor of the Panthers, and the next two games will be played in Florida. It’s not going to be an easy task for the Leafs, and they’ll have to take it one game at a time.

They can get both games in Florida if they want. The Panthers did it in Toronto…

So there’s no excuse for what’s to come. The Leafs’ big guns will have to wake up, though.

Oh yes, I almost forgot!

Next time, maybe it’s important for fans not to overlook their opponents. Won’t they?

In gusto

– Absolutely.

– Will he be suspended?

– Whew. To be continued.

– Still!

– That’s impressive too.

– He may be angry… But Samsonov is physically fine.

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