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Patrick Kane and Vladimir Tarasenko announce their intentions for next year
Patrick Kane and Vladimir Tarasenko were acquired to give the New York Rangers a boost in the playoffs. The result?

The two men were unable to make a difference for their club, which was eliminated in the first round by the New Jersey Devils.

What you need to know is that both players’ respective contracts expire this summer. Will they be back in the Big Apple? There could be a possibility, but it all depends on a number of factors. Let me explain.

In fact, Kane will have to find out in the next few days whether he will need surgery this summer. Let’s not forget that, even before he was traded to the Rangers, it was said that he hadn’t been 100% for some time, and the American stated this morning during the team’s debriefing that the club’s trainers had greatly helped him to “be ready” to play.

In a week’s time, Kane would like to know whether he’ll have to go under the knife or not. And that, one way or another, will have an impact on what happens next.

You can really sense in the player’s words that he’d like to return to New York next year. But then again, the next few weeks will give some indication of his health.

If he undergoes surgery and has to miss part of next season, chances are he won’t be making an incredible salary. And if he’s more or less healthy, he’s unlikely to sign a multi-season contract. That’s why we’ll have to wait a little longer to see what happens with him.

As for Tarasenko, things are a little different.

After all, the Stanley Cup winner with the Blues is healthy, and we can’t discount the fact that he’s much younger than Patrick Kane. At 31, he should be able to secure a long-term contract at a decent salary…

But like his team-mate, he’s not ruling out a return to the city either. He wants to play for a team that will be fighting for top honors next year, and that will definitely be the Rangers.

It remains to be seen whether the Rangers want him back.

In reality, Chris Drury won’t have much room to manoeuvre this summer.

Data from Cap Friendly indicates that the Rangers have $7.1 million committed to their payroll for the 2023-2024 season…

But at least the squad doesn’t have a ton of players to put under contract. In addition to Tarasenko and Kane, Alexis Lafrenière (RFA), Tyler Motte (UFA), Niko Mikkola (UFA), K’Andre Miller (RFA) and Jaroslav Halak (UFA) will have to negotiate a new contract this summer.

With Lafrenière and Miller both likely to command salaries in the $3 million range, it’s hard to believe that the Rangers will have the space to bring back Vladimir Tarasenko AND Patrick Kane.

Unless they make a deal, we agree.

Decision time is approaching in New York, and it will be more than interesting to follow the team’s activities over the coming months.

Especially considering the team’s early elimination in the first round of the playoffs this year.

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