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Geoff Molson on the signing of Cole Caufield: “It could happen at any time”.

We’re all waiting for Cole Caufield to sign his next contract. Right now, we’re mostly wondering how much he’ll be getting for the next few seasons…

And we can’t wait to see how long the contract will last.

Or will he sign a long-term contract?

These are the questions that often come up when we talk about the file. But for the moment, he knows no details of the negotiations between the player’s camp and that of the organization.

What we do know, however, is that the signing “could happen at any time”. In fact, that’s what Geoff Molson said earlier today, when he was at the Université de Montréal’s CEPSUM to announce a donation to the Carabins tennis team.

It could happen at any time. I wouldn’t say stay by your phone today, but it could be any time.

I know all our fans are anxious for this to be resolved. It’s going to happen before the start of next season. Negotiations are in good hands with Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes. – Geoff Molson

He doesn’t say it openly, but I have the impression that things are progressing at the moment.

It’s also interesting to see the owner say out loud that “it’s going to happen before the start of next season”.

Caufield’s contract isn’t all that’s caught the organization’s attention in recent months.

The Canadiens’ season has been fraught with difficulties, especially when you consider the number of players who have been injured in recent months.

After all, it’s crazy to think that only one player has been able to play every game for the team in 2022-2023. That player is Nick Suzuki.

When the club took stock at the end of the regular season, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton made it clear that a solution would have to be found to avoid so many injuries, because in reality, the team will never move forward if the current trend continues.

It’s also the same thing coming out of the mouth of the Canadiens’ owner, which isn’t necessarily surprising.

In the coming months, Kent Hughes and the CH organization will have a number of issues to deal with.

The important thing is to take it one step at a time… And it remains to be seen whether the Caufield file will be the first to be officially settled.

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– They weren’t shy about voicing their displeasure.

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