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Pierre-Luc Dubois: three months of misery to end the season

Following his team’s elimination, Rick Bowness didn’t hesitate to criticize his players. He claims that the guys’ effort hasn’t been the same since January, and that there’s a noticeable difference between his club’s behavior.

Was he pointing the finger at a particular player (or players)? Certainly. And when you look at Pierre-Luc Dubois’ performance since January 11, it’s easy to see why the Quebecer has found himself at the heart of his coach’s criticisms.

Maxime Truman (BPM Sports) talked about this on his show today, but since then, the Jets have played 32 regular-season games and five playoff games. Dubois has been good in the playoffs, with four points in five games…

But in the last 32 games of the regular schedule, he collected a meager total of… 15 points. That’s not even a point in two games, in a period when the Jets needed him to qualify for the playoffs.

He seemed to be less present on the ice and that, somehow, made him less effective.

Is it just because he’s fed up with Winnipeg and his mind was elsewhere? If so, it’s a big red flag for the Habs and any other team interested in him…

Especially since this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened.

Let’s not forget that in his very last game with the Blue Jackets, he made an appearance on the ice that went viral because of his flagrant lack of effort.

Here’s what I’m referring to:

It doesn’t fit in with the culture the Habs are creating right now, and that’s what’s so worrying about the Québécois.

Pierre-Luc Dubois is a damn fine field hockey player. He can play center, he can play wing, he’s capable of performing on the first line in the National Hockey League, which isn’t the case for every other player…

But the red flags start to fly when you look at the big picture. And therein lies the problem.

In brief

– David Bell is the new coach of the Belleville Senators.

– It’ll be interesting to watch.

– Congratulations to Lucas.

– Ryan O’Reilly’s seems to be paying off for now.

– It’s been a while since we’ve heard from him.

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