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Series: Matthew Tkachuk asked his father to “keep his trap shut”.

With just a few games left in the Panthers’ season, and the team trying everything possible to qualify for the playoffs, Keith Tkachuk harshly criticized the team’s players’ effort .

He said the Panthers were soft and should look to his other son Brady’s team (the Senators) for inspiration. Basically, Dad Tkachuk was loudly denouncing Florida’s lack of intensity.

This played a decisive role in what happened next. The next day, the Panthers faced the Canadiens in a game where Matthew completely dominated with a three-goal, one-assist performance.

It was, in one way or another, the turning point of their season. That said…

Now that they’re in the playoffs, Matthew reportedly politely told his dad to “keep his trap shut” so as not to disrupt the team.

That’s fair enough.

On the other hand, in light of the fact that Keith’s comments seemed to whip the Panthers’ lineup into a frenzy, maybe he should continue to give his opinion out loud. Hehe.

In all seriousness, the Panthers look like a whole new outfit since Keith’s exit. And right now, it’s Matthew who’s in charge of making it work.

Maxime Van Houtte has a good point when he says that he’s the undisputed leader of this formation. The thing about him is that he can do everything on the ice…

And he excels on many levels. He’s the leader the team needed, without taking anything away from Jonathan Huberdeau.

It’s with players like Matthew Tkachuk that a team has a chance of making it far in the playoffs. We saw proof of this in the first round, when the Panthers caused a surprise by eliminating the Bruins.

It remains to be seen whether the American will be as dominant against the Leafs.

In gusto

– Love this.

– Tonight’s the night.

– No surprise.

– What do you expect? We’re in the playoffs!

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