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Darryl Sutter’s comments on Pelletier: the players didn’t like it
It was a close call, but in the end Darryl Sutter was fired. I say hot, because when the Flames fired their GM, we had reason to believe that Sutter would keep his job.

But the good news was finally revealed earlier this afternoon.

Several situations led to his departure, but the one that caused the most reaction was clearly his comments towards Jakob Pelletier.

Let’s not forget that he “mocked” his young player in a press conference.

He told him he’d played a good game afterwards, but attacking a rookie like that wasn’t necessarily the right thing to do. In fact, the players didn’t appreciate the dinosaur’s gesture at all.

Speaking on BPM Sports, Jonathan Huberdeau took advantage of his former head coach’s dismissal to voice his opinion.

He says that the players weren’t too happy about this media outing from a guy who should be setting an example, and that they were surprised and disappointed. In short, a nice mix of negative emotions.

He didn’t need to do that. – Jonathan Huberdeau

Now that Sutter is no longer the team’s pilot, I wonder if the Quebecer (Huberdeau) will be able to bounce back. After all, he’ll be in the first year of a huge contract signed last August. After a 115-point season in 2021-2022, he has only amassed 55 points this season. He’s one of those who’ll have to be better.

Next year, in addition to the new coach, Calgary will be counting on reinforcements. Oliver Kylignton will be back. The young defenseman has decided to take the 2022-2023 season off.

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Which begs the question: was it because he didn’t want to play under Sutter? Possibly, as this news came out moments after the news of Sutter’s dismissal.

In short, I think the former coach’s career behind the bench is over. He was very competent, especially in Los Angeles, but his last stint in Calgary was one too many.

In bursts

– Yes, it was.

– Obviously.

– This is unfortunate.

– Wow.

– In the absence of Joel Embiid, he’s one of those who’ll have to step up.

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