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Rick Bowness back behind the Winnipeg Jets bench
As we all know, the Winnipeg Jets were eliminated early in the first round of the playoffs.

Several rumours are circulating within the Jets organization. Quebecer Pierre-Luc Dubois has often been mentioned in the same breath as the Montreal Canadiens.

Change is expected this off-season in Winnipeg, but we now know it won’t be behind the bench.

General Manager Kevin Cheveldayoff confirmed today that head coach Rick Bowness will be back at the helm of the Jets next year.

After the Manitoba team’s 5-game elimination at the hands of the Vegas Golden Knights, the coach was in the news for all the wrong reasons.

During the end-of-season review, Bowness was crude with his choice of words, sayinghe was disappointed and disgusted with his players’ playoff performance.

Bowness’s response prompted a reaction from former team captain Blake Wheeler, who didn’t take Bowness’s comments lying down.

Personally, I was expecting to see a change behind the bench, but it could well be that the change will come from the players.

Bowness’ renewal could also affect Dubois’ decision on his future with the organization.

Veteran Blake Wheeler believes Bowness should have spoken to them personally, rather than opening his mouth to the media.

That’s what made me lean towards the solution of changing head coach, but it’s going to take more than that to change coach.

Now that the GM has confirmed the return of his coach, might he be tempted to trade players who share a similar opinion to Wheeler?

Wheeler, who has a contract worth $2.75 million for the next two years, could very well leave this season. He could certainly help a few teams with his physical game and experience, as he has over 1100 games under his belt.

Wheeler also has 8 seasons of 20-plus goals, including 7 in a row.

Dubois might also be inclined to leave, if he isn’t satisfied with Bowness’s return. A trade could take place between now and the start of next season. If Dubois decides to stay in Winnipeg to use up the last year of his contract, he’ll be as free as a bird on July 1, 2024.

This means he’ll be able to collect maximum money on his contract extension. The CH may not be in a position to acquire his services if this is the case.

The off-season should be very interesting this summer, and many changes should take place, whilethere will only be a small increase in the payroll.

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– This is definitely a very interesting series to watch.

– Since returning from injury, the Canadiens have been unstoppable.

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