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Shea Weber has become a coach

Shea Weber hasn’t been playing field hockey for two years now. His body gave out on him and clearly, he was no longer able to do what he always dreamed of doing for as long as possible.And that bothers him.

He chose to go home, which tarnished his image since he didn’t officially retire, but rather put himself in a position to collect money he’d earned. But anyway. All that to say, Weber has been absent from public life for the past two years. He doesn’t give interviews to people in Montreal Vegas Tempe and he’s enjoying his family life.Let’s just say he doesn’t have the same pace of life as P.K. Subban.

In fact, he talks so little that I was hooked on the following video, which is a find from the Habsolument Fan site, because it’s been ages since we’ve heard him speak. But now he’s a youth coach.

Shea Weber is there to help the youngsters as best he can, to help them have fun and progress. It’s the same for Mike Smith, Josh Gorges and Duncan Keith. The CH alumnus, who helped coach the Golden Knights’ club school earlier this season, gives the youngsters the benefit of his vast experience and leadership. That’s got to be motivating for a youngster. As you can see, Weber didn’t steal the show in his first appearance in front of the cameras in a while. He gave short answers that didn’t stray too far, and above all, he was asked about a subject that had nothing to do with his contract with the Coyotes. He wasn’t asked by NHL reporters, which means he couldn’t get anyone in trouble. He passed in front of the cameras like a shooting star: who knows if/when it’ll happen again?

In short

– Keep an eye on him.

– Nice read.

– One to watch.

– Indeed.

– The Yankees have to do better.

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