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The Canadiens win the Cup in 27-28 with Juuse Saros?

In 2022, I celebrated my 25th birthday. So, if you do a quick calculation, you’ll understand that I wasn’t even born when the Canadiens won their last Stanley Cup, in 1993.You can imagine how much I’d pay to be able to go back in time! It’s been 30 years since the CH last won a Stanley Cup, and the question on the lips of every fan in town is: When’s the next Stanley Cup in Montreal? David Ettedgui had some fun answering it. He sees the CH winning the Stanley Cup in 2027-2028… with Juuse Saros as their number-one goaltender.To get there, the informer’s plan would include acquiring Pierre-Luc Dubois, signing Saros on the free agent market in the summer of 2025 and drafting Matvei Michkov in the next NHL draft. It’s a bit daring, we must admit. But, the fact that the team’s young players (Dach, Caufield, Dach and company) will mature allows Ettedgui to believe that it would indeed be possible. Today,

There’s something that bothers me a bit about his comments. Five years is a long time. No, actually… Five years is a long time. I think so much can happen in that time that it’s a bit difficult to make such a prediction today. We don’t even know who the number-one goalie will be at the start of next season…Isn’t it a bit early to say that the CH will win the Stanley Cup in five years’ time? Obviously, everyone is entitled to a different opinion. Maxime Truman, for example, believes that he’ll never see the Flanelle take top honours “before he dies” because of the constraints of the Habs organization (pressure, market, language):

I think we’ll always be a little short of winning the Cup

. –

Maxime Truman


Like everyone else, I’m looking forward to the day when we gather on one of the streets in Montreal to celebrate our glorious team’s next Stanley Cup conquest.

All I hope is that my boyfriend Max isn’t right in thinking it won’t happen again for a long time.

In short

– Hats off to Alexandre Pratt for this column. It’s simply excellent.

– The best news of the day: starting today,

– Jan Rutta is sidelined.

– Great story. Good luck, Jesen!

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