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Cayden Primeau considers himself ready to make the jump to the NHL

Over the past few days, the Rocket’s season has come to an end. The club didn’t necessarily have the resources to go all the way(according to the coach) and it showed against Utica. The balance of developing and winning was affected by the Canadiens’ injuries, in effect.

This led to several players getting their chance in Montreal(including Rafaël Harvey-Pinard and Jesse Ylönen, to name but a few) and changed the dynamic of the Rocket’s 22-23 season. But by necessity, it will also change the 23-24 season. Why? Because veterans will be leaving and young prospects will be fighting for playing time in Laval.

While many players (including RHP) believe they’re done with the Rocket, so does goaltender Cayden Primeau. The latter wasn’t afraid to say so during his end-of-season review: given the quality of his play at the end of the campaign, he believes he can make the jump.

I have my doubts at this level, because even if he’s a good NHL goalie, he’s having trouble with an aspect that’s very important at the highest level: consistency. I don’t know if he’ll be able to do it next year, but at the same time, if the CH doesn’t try, he won’t have his answer.

Let’s not forget that Primeau won’t be able to avoid the ballot if the Habs decide to send him to Laval – and Primeau isn’t too worried about that right now. Right now, there’snothing he can do aboutit anyway.

Samuel Montembeault and Jake Allen are still with us. Will the CH have to trade one of them? Is the CH willing to take the risk of sending Primeau to the ballot? Does the idea of starting the season with three goalies make sense?

There are clearly several options on the table right now for the CH and Primeau can’t help it. He shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking too much about it, and he simply needs to prepare for an important training camp. After all, he won’t have any wiggle room this fall.

In gusto

– Of course.

– All the better.

– The field hockey craze is alive and well in Gatineau.

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