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Bomb in the QMJHL: Serge Beausoleil is fired

A bombshell has just exploded in the QMJHL: the Océanic organization has announced that it has fired Serge Beausoleil, who held the position of general manager as well as head coach. Beausoleil was the longest-serving coach with the same team in the QMJHL, having been with Rimouski for 12 years.

Danny Dupont will act as interim general manager for the time being, as reported by Mikaël Lalancette (Twitter). The Océanic would like to thank Beausoleil for his service to the organization.

The Océanic family would like to thank Serge Beausoleil for all he has accomplished on behalf of the team, and for his dedication to what our organization represents in the field hockey world and in our community

. –

L’Océanic de Rimouski organization

After all, it’s quite something to see a coach spend 12 years behind the bench of a junior team. By the way, Beausoleil will have led his team to no fewer than 487 victories, having arrived in the 2011-2012 season. He won the title of GM of the Year in 2018, brought a President’s Cup back to Rimouski in 2015, and holds third place for the most wins in QMJHL history by a head coach with the same team.Not bad, eh ? All in all,he can look back on a successful tenure with the Océanic .

As Stephane Leroux stated in a recent tweet, it would be a bit surprising to see the main interested party remain unemployed for a while. He has the experience and tools to find work soon, and in fact, he automatically becomes a big name available to Canadian Hockey League teams.Could he have a chance to make a name for himself in the pros? It’s an idea that could go a long way.

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