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At 51, Jaromir Jagr considers the idea of playing next season

It goes without saying that Jaromir Jagr loves to play field hockey – after all, he played a few games last year with the Kladno Knights, a team he owns in the Czech Republic. It’s the fact that the former NHLer was able to do so even though he celebrated his 51st birthday two months ago (February) that generally impresses. The Knights didn’t have a huge season (18-26-6 record), but they were still able to avoid relegation to the Czech league. So, Jagr is considering the idea of playing next season… Even at 51.Is there anything or anyone who can stop him from doing the job he loves? I’m beginning to think not. Tomas Plekanec, who has been with Kladno for two years, will be a free agent this summer. The fan-favorite former Montreal player finished the campaign as the team’s leading scorer, with 49 points (16 goals) in 52 games. There’sa real possibility that he’ll stay in Kladno, given that Pleky was born there and given that, at this point in his career, he may not want to change organizations. Note, however, that the Knights and Plekanec have not yet discussed a new contract, according to Andrew Zadarnowski.

Back to Jagr: on the ice, he’s not the player he used to be. His offensive production has plummeted when you look at his numbers… But in reality, who cares? The veteran was still his club’s eighth-best scorer last year, with 14 points in 26 games, and I don’t think anyone over there is going to complain about having him in the line-up. At least,they’d better not complain if they say Jagr owns the team, hehe. On a more serious note, Jaromir Jagr is really impressive to watch go. I think he’s an example to follow in the sense that he goes beyond the limits to continue living his passion despite his age. That’swhat I respect the most.

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