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Linus Ullmark and Matthew Tkachuk try to fight in a crazy match

Field hockey fans are excited about the playoffs. Even if the Montreal Canadiens don’t make it, many teams are very interesting to watch.

The most attention-grabbing is the intense, physical play of the playoffs.

For fans of breaststroke, you’re in for a treat with Game 4 of the Boston Bruins-Florida Panthers series.

Boston emerged victorious from this duel between the two teams, with a final score of 6-2. In the win, Taylor Hall was on fire with 4 points, including two goals.

You can see his first goal right here.

With this victory, the Bruins now lead the series 3-1 and will have three games to confirm their passage to the next elimination round.

Should the Panthers be eliminated, this would consolidate their first-round pick’s position, which now belongs to the Tricolore.

Draft positions 29 to 32 are the four teams that will reach the final four. As for positions 17 to 28, regardless of whether a team is eliminated in the first or second round, its draft rank will depend on its position in the overall standings.

This would leave the CH with the 17th pick, in addition to its lottery pick.

True to form, Matthew Tkachuk did everything he could to upset his opponents, and Bruins goaltender Linus Ullmark took the bait late in the game.

Ullmark was ready to throw down the gloves against the formidable Florida forward, but the referees intervened quickly, resulting in the ejection of both Tkachuk and the goalkeeper.

The elite Swedish goaltender was seeing red and had only one thing on his mind: making the Panthers pay.

See him in action, chatting intensely with the man himself.

Tkachuk not only stole the show with his disruptive play, but also with the goal of the year in the current playoffs.

Check out this gem from Matthew Tkachuk.

As I was saying, Tkachuk is there to annoy his opponents. He even double-checks poor Garnet Hathaway in the ribs.

Hathaway had trouble getting up, but finished the match anyway. He’s a real tough guy, as the Ford F150 commercials would say.

When I said this game stirred up a lot, I wasn’t counting lies.

Charlie McAvoy was quick to point out that this series is for tough guys.

He completely annihilated Matthew Tkachuk with a solid check.

Despite Tkachuk’s breaststroke, it wasn’t enough for the Panthers to level the series.

They’ll need to win their next three games to advance to the next elimination round, a difficult task against the mighty Boston Bruins.


– Two very important saves early in the game to give his team momentum.

– Ylönen is still without a contract for next season.

– Jordan Harris would be the prospect to sacrifice in a Pierre-Luc Dubois deal, according to Max Lapierre. [H&L]

– What a nice suit.

– He’ll want to consolidate his second-place ranking behind phenom Connor Bedard at the next draft.

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