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Children can paint the ice at the Bell Centre
The Canadiens are once again inviting members of their Fan Club to paint the Bell Centre rink. Registered children will be able to take to the famous Canadiens rink and let their creativity run wild.

The event will take place on May 7. All participants will be assigned a time slot. Each group will have two hours to create a work of art on ice.

See for yourself what this event looks like:

The rink will be retired in the coming weeks, so this is the perfect opportunity to go paint it. Although the painted rink will be removed after the event, members of the CH organization are making sure to take as many photos and videos of the activity as possible to keep the memories alive.

The Canadiens have a partnership with Peinture MF, who will supply all the paint needed for the event. It’s a nice gift from the organization after a rather slow and not very fun season.

In addition to being able to paint the rink, the kids will be able to have their faces painted in CH colors, and can even spend the day with Youppi!

Registration is open until April 30 on the Fan Club des Canadiens website. Get painting!

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