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Pierre-Luc Dubois: could the Jets accept a lower offer from the CH?

Until Pierre-Luc Dubois is no longer a member of the Habs, we won’t hear the last of it. By then, thousands of rumours will have been published.

Yesterday, it was Maxim Lapierre and Antoine Roussel’s turn to feed the rumour machine. Both were guests of Mario Langlois and shared their opinions on the Quebecer’s situation.

First, Lapierre would trade Jordan Harris, among others, for the center.

The logic behind this statement is quite simple: the CH’s depth to the left of the blue line is great. With Lane Hutson on his way out, Mike Matheson here to stay, Kaiden Guhle and company, Montreal could sacrifice a young lefty to fill a need.

Clearly, Kent Hughes would have to add other assets, but Harris is already a good base.

Lapierre and Roussel are of the opinion that the Jets could accept a lower offer from the CH, as Dubois absolutely wants to play in Montreal. Don’t be too quick to panic, however, in my opinion, this scenario won’t happen. Why would Kevin Cheveldayoff want less “out of respect” for a player who isn’t a Winnipeg legend and never wanted to play there?

It’s true that every NHL team knows what Dubois wants, but one of these teams could change his mind with a tempting contract, for example.

Yes, Patrick Kane was traded for next to nothing because he wanted to go to New York, but don’t compare Kane to Dubois.

All the same, if Roussel were GM of the Jets, he wouldn’t trade the Quebecer immediately and he’d even wait until he became UFA.

I wouldn’t trade PLD and I’d keep him as a rental player. – Antoine Roussel

According to the Frenchman, this would keep the team’s fans hopeful of keeping the left-hander for the long term. And here again, I disagree, for the simple reason that no matter what the offer, Dubois will leave within the next two years.

Keeping Dubois until he’s completely autonomous would be like keeping a car with only one year left on the warranty. – Maxim Lapierre

In short, the Dubois issue has not finished spilling ink in Montreal… Let’s hope it’s resolved this summer.

In short

– Carey Price.

– Very possible.

– Hardy Häman Aktell in the sights of several teams. [RDT]

– No, of course not.

– The Yankees began to take him seriously.

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