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Luke Tuch to represent the United States at the World Championship

Since the Canadiens drafted Luke Tuch in the second round of the 2020 draft, the power forward has lost some of his credentials. Even though he already has three seasons under his belt in the NCAA, he hasn’t managed to establish himself as a star on his Boston University team.

I know it’s a bit of a lame comparison, but Lane Hutson, a first-year defenseman, had more than double Tuch’s points (48 for Hutson vs. 20 for Tuch) on the same team.

That said, Tuch remains a big power forward who could end up helping the CH if he finds his feet. Look no further than his brother, Alex, who needed time to establish himself in the NHL before becoming an excellent forward in Buffalo.

And speaking of the Tuch brothers, both have announced that they will be representing the U.S. at the World Championships.

The two brothers will finally have the chance to play together, a factor that weighed heavily in the balance. Alex noted that they don’t know if the opportunity will arise again, so they took advantage of it while they could.

Because in reality, this is the very first time the two will be teammates.

In Luke’s case, it’s good news to see him accept the invitation to take part in the tournament. He’s played 40 games this season, and it’s not a bad idea to give him a little more field hockey in his legs, especially after a slightly tougher season.

Playing field hockey makes you a good field hockey player, doesn’t it?

At 21, it’s still far too early to throw in the towel with young Tuch. That said, seeing him against the pros at the World Championship will be a great way to see how he fares against the older guys.

And if he impresses, maybe the CH will jump at the idea of bringing him to the Rocket next season…

Good news from Toronto.


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