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Juraj Slafkovsky contract: a lot of money at the very beginning of the agreement
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Many Canadiens fans were in for a huge surprise this afternoon when they learned that Kent Hughes had just offered Juraj Slafkovsky an eight-year contract extension. Early this evening, details of his contract began to emerge.

Let’s just say that, in addition to respecting Suzuki’s status by offering Slafkovsky a lower annual salary, Kent Hughes also looks like a genius with the way he’s constructed this deal.

Daily Faceoff ‘s Frank Seravalli shared the details of the deal on X.

Slafkovsky will still pocket $950,000 next season, but will receive a $7 million signing bonus starting July 1, 2025. His salary for the first two seasons of his contract will be $4.725 million.

The Slovak will receive another signing bonus in 2026, this time worth $3 million. Adding up the two bonuses, plus his base salary in 2025-26, Slafkovsky will earn $14.725 million in the first 366 days of his contract.

That’s almost a quarter of his contract after just one year and one day!

This could be good news for the Canadiens. With an annual salary of $5.875 million for the last three years of his contract, Slafkovsky will be easier to deal with. Slafkovsky will be easier to trade if the Habs ever have to part with him for one reason or another.

I’m not saying that Kent Hughes is already thinking of parting with Slafkovsky, far from it, but he has left himself a certain cushion in case of catastrophe.

In the event of the ultimate catastrophe, Slafkovsky’s low salary at the end of his contract could also affect the value of a buyout.

By the way, this salary complements the long-term signings of the current top line. Caufield, Suzuki and Slafkovsky now all have contracts until 2030 or more.

The best part is that none of these players will add more than $8 million to the Habs’ payroll. This leaves Kent Hughes plenty of room to surround his young leaders.

The Habs GM pulled off a major coup today, and will have peace of mind when it comes to the Habs’ top forwards.


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