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Shea Weber reacted soberly to the announcement of his induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame
Credit: Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire

When people compare Shea Weber and P.K. Subban, they often talk about statistics and what they’ve accomplished for their team. Except that the two players have completely opposite personalities.

Subban is an extrovert who’s not afraid to show his emotions and do crazy things. Weber, on the other hand, is a perfect stereotype of the English-speaking Canadian in the NHL: sober.

His neutral side shone through again on Tuesday, when he received the call confirming he was a new member of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The former Canadiens captain looks happy, but showed his joy in his usual neutral manner.

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You know what I mean?

His words are appropriate for the situation, with a few “oh my Gods” and “that’s not possible”, but he said them with so little intonation in his voice that you’d think he wasn’t even surprised.

Yet the news was extremely surprising for many people this morning!

Even if he wasn’t very expressive, Weber still allowed himself a little joke, saying that the call had caused him to miss his golf putt.

Let’s not forget that Weber can have a sense of humor. On his 1,000th NHL game, he waved to a completely empty Bell Centre as if to thank fans who weren’t there!

But there’s a reason Shea Weber became one of the NHL’s most respected players during his career. He remained neutral, respected his opponents and did his job in an excellent manner.

That’s exactly what every NHL team would like to have on its team, even if it makes the answers at press conferences a little flat.


– Exactly.

– Beautiful.

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