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Lias Andersson to play in Switzerland next year
Credit: Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Last summer, the Canadiens signed Lias Andersson. We’re talking about a former top draft pick (seventh overall in 2017) of the New York Rangers.

You had to wonder whether Jeff Gorton wanted to hand him over to his Habs development team to try to bring out his former protege’s potential in New York, or whether the Habs simply wanted to add a talented guy to the roster.

Whatever the reason: he was in the organization.

Nothing was promised, however, and he headed for Laval following training camp. He was a good player for the Rocket – when he was healthy – and spent the entire season there.

He didn’t get a single call-up. One wonders how close he came to getting one.

You’d think the experience wouldn’t necessarily be repeated, but now it’s confirmed: the player will be leaving the Habs for next season.

In fact, he’s even leaving North America, where he never enjoyed success while playing in the NHL.

(Credit: Hockey DB)

According to an announcement by HC Biel, Andersson will continue his career in Switzerland. He has accepted a contract for next season on the other side of the ocean.

It’s the end of a “bet” in Laval. He will have helped downstairs (and his production will have to be replaced), but he had no future upstairs, obviously.

It’s worth noting that the Swede has always played for his country when in Europe. For the first time, he won’t be playing in either Sweden or North America. And I don’t blame him: if I had to play in Europe, I’d probably try to play in Switzerland.

I don’t think we’ll see him in the NHL again, but who knows what a good season in Biel could do for him.

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