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Ryan McDonagh returns to Tampa Bay

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Ryan McDonagh returns to Tampa Bay
Credit: Photo by Joe Sargent/NHLI via Getty Images
Surprise in Florida.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have announced that they have acquired defenseman Ryan McDonagh from the Nashville Predators, along with the Oilers’ fourth pick in 2024.

In return, Nashville receives the second pick in 2025 and the seventh pick this year.

Two years ago, for salary reasons, the Lightning had been forced to send the former first-round pick of the Canadiens to Nashville because his contract was too big. He had four years left at $6.75 million a year.

Now, no one is talking about salary restraint. Does Tampa, which is still struggling with its salary cap, know that a large amount of money will be leaving the books this summer?

And if so, is it Steven Stamkos?

Details to come…

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