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Jake Allen is Sportsnet’s playoff analyst
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Many were surprised by Jake Allen’s performance with his new late-season team, the New Jersey Devils, especially in his first few games.

Unfortunately for him, his team was banged up with injuries, and he had to deal with several throws on several occasions and failed to propel his team into the playoffs.

But we knew Allen wasn’t going to be the miracle that got the Devils into the playoffs.

His acquisition seemed more like a last-minute move, as the goaltending situation in New Jersey left much to be desired at the trade deadline.

However, Allen can now focus on his summer, and so he made his debut on a sports panel.

It was on Sportsnet ‘s ” Hockey Night in Canada “:

On platform X (Twitter), we can see the unanimity of Internet users regarding the goalie’s ease in front of the cameras.

Many mention that he expresses himself very well and they see him becoming an analyst in the near future.

Arpon Basu, who enjoyed watching him on Sportsnet, also agreed:

When his playing days are over, he’ll have a long and prolific career doing just that, if he chooses. One of the most eloquent players I’ve covered talking about the game and someone who knows the game inside and out. – Arpon Basu

I agree with Basu on this one: Jake Allen would make an excellent hockey analyst in his post-career as a player.

He’s got what it takes to be good at it.

He’s always had a way with words, especially in front of the media, but also with his teammates. He’s a Stanley Cup veteran who knows his sport very well and would be able to analyze the game as it is.

If I had to bet on a current NHL player who will be a very good analyst, it’s definitely Allen.

In gusto

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