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Logan Mailloux named to AHL All-Star team (rookies)
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot

Logan Mailloux’s season isn’t remembered because he played a game with the Canadiens last night.

We remember it because he was one of the AHL’s best defensemen in his first pro season.

And that’s saying a lot.

The defenseman had a superb year in Laval, amassing 47 points (14 goals) in 70 games so far with the Rocket.

I say so far, because the Habs still have two games left before the end of the season.

That said, Mailloux’s season has not gone unnoticed, as he was selected to the AHL All-Star Rookie Team.

Joel Blomqvist (goalie), Brandt Clarke (defenseman), Josh Doan (forward), Brad Lambert (forward) and Logan Stankoven (forward) are also on the All-Star team:

This is truly a great honor for Mailloux, especially when you look at his track record in recent years.

And what’s more, it’s well deserved.

Mailloux took a while to get going, but he’s been the most important defenseman in Jean-François Houle’s line-up for the past few months, because he plays in every possible situation.

He plays at a numerical disadvantage, he’s one of the most used players at equal strength and he’s the club’s powerplay quarterback.

After all, it’s hard to ask for more!

Everything has been going swimmingly for Logan Mailloux lately, and so much the better. He’s made efforts to improve both on and off the ice, and he can be proud of what he’s achieved.

In fact, he should be very proud.


Logan Mailloux ranks 4th among AHL rookie scorers… All skaters combined.

When we say he has a nice offensive ceiling, that’s what we mean.


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