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Éric Bélanger: The Habs didn’t help the Lions much
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The future of the Trois-Rivières Lions is more uncertain than ever.

The club’s owner (Deacon Sports & Entertainment) owes the City of Trois-Rivières $1.1 million.

It should be remembered that it is the city that owns the flamboyant Colisée de Vidéotron, which was built in recent years in particular to accommodate an ECHL club.

The subject came up on Martin Lemay’s show (BPM Sports), and Éric Bélanger was called in to talk about the situation.

Bélanger is well placed to speak in one sense because he has coached the club in the past… And the main interested party wasn’t shy about saying what he thinks out loud:

We haven’t had much help from the Habs […] I’ve seen the wall coming for a long time, because things haven’t been going well (financially) for a long time. – Éric Bélanger

Martin Biron, who was also part of the conversation, wonders if there really is a market for the ECHL in Quebec.

The Habs, Rocket and QMJHL already take up a lot of space, after all:

For his part, Anthony Marcotte wonders what the Lions “expected to get” from the Habs.

The voice of the Rocket says the Habs could have helped the club by providing more players… But Anthony Marcotte also wonders if it would have been worth it:

Let’s not forget that things are so bad for the organization that it couldn’t even finish the season in Trois-Rivières.

The owner’s debt is (very) high, and since it can’t be repaid any time soon, it’s expected that the league will take control of the Quebec organization.

It’s a shame, because it’s the owner’s current monetary situation that’s hurting a lot of things, according to Éric Bélanger.

The Colisée Vidéotron is magnificent, and the facilities in the amphitheatre are superb…

But we all agree that it takes money to keep the machine running, and that’s where the problem lies.

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