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Logan Mailloux on the trail of P.K. Subban (more than ever)
Credit: Capture d'écran / Screenshot
This past weekend, the Quebec media was all about David Reinbacher, and with good reason. After all, the most recent fifth overall pick in the 2023 draft was making his North American debut.

And he was excellent. He deserved the outpouring of love from media and fans alike.

But another defenseman who, aside from last weekend, is the talk of the town this season is Logan Mailloux. He too deserves the love, as he’s having an excellent season for a defenseman and is following in the footsteps of none other than P.K. Subban.

On the Sick Podcast, Tony Marinaro and Anthony Marcotte talked about the young defenseman.

And in answer to Marinaro’s question: “Is Subban a good comparable for Mailloux?”, I’d like to say yes, but…

The problem, and the Rocket’s game describer at BPM Sports put in a good word for it, is his defensive play.

Despite his 42 points in 63 games (0.67 PPM), Mailloux has a record of 0. In his rookie year in the AHL, Subban (0.69 PPM) had a record of +46. The former Habs defenseman seems to have an edge on the defensive end, but the team’s current prospect has improved a lot in his own territory. Offensively, it’s hard not to compare the two…

However, even if the stats are similar, let’s not be too quick to say that Mailloux is the next Subban. That would be grossly unfair to the youngster, who will certainly be fighting for a spot in Montreal next training camp. The 76(despite an attitude that hasn’t always been right) has left his mark in the metropolis. The Laval defenseman has yet to play in the NHL.

Remember that on the second episode of Processus, Simon Snake Boisvert stated that the two are not comparable as defensemen, and that he knew P.K. would make an immediate impact in the NHL. Boisvert was never a big fan of Mailloux, but I don’t know if his opinion has changed a bit.

After all, Mailloux is only 20 years old and ranks third in the AHL for points among defensemen.


– Coming up.

– Yes.

– He’ll have to find a way to outwit Montreal’s potent defense first.

– A fine example of determination.

– Ah well.

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