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“It’s a shame if Jacques Martin finishes the season as coach” – Frank Seravalli
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Do you remember what Jeff Gorton said at the press conference to introduce Martin St-Louis as the Canadiens’ interim coach in February 2022?

Yes, he said a lot of things, I know.

In response to a reporter who asked him why he went back on his word (he had said that Dominique Ducharme would finish the season as head coach of the Habs), the VP said that there were 37 games left in the season and that there’s a lot of learning to be done in 37 games.

And if I told you that the next part of my article was going to be about the Ottawa Senators, I imagine you’d be able to predict where I was going with that, wouldn’t you?

The Sens hired Jacques Martin as interim head coach in mid-December and the results aren’t there.

Worse still?

The club has taken a step backwards since Martin was hired, while there’s been no progress on the ice. The Senators have the talent to hurt other teams in the National League, but they’re not able to use it to its full potential.

As a result, the core of the team and the youngsters are used to losing because results are no longer important. This trend is unlikely to change between now and the end of the season, because nothing’s working at the moment…

And that’s why Frank Seravalli said on a recent episode of his podcast that it’s a shame if Jacques Martin finishes the season as coach.

The Daily Faceoff tipster believes it’s time to make a decision before it’s too late:

There are a lot of good coaches available right now. It’s time to turn the page. – Frank Seravalli

The Senators find themselves in much the same situation as the Canucks were last season.

After many setbacks in recent years, the Vancouver outfit decided to hire Rick Tocchet as head coach, an intense guy who had the qualities to turn the tide.

Tocchet changed the culture of the organization even though there were only a few games left in the season, because he made the players understand that every game is important, and we see the results today.

The Canucks are sitting in second place overall in the NHL standings, having won 42 of their first 66 games of the campaign.

That’s when you realize just how much the Senators have missed out with Patrick Roy, who has a bit of the same style as Rick Tocchet.

But ultimately, at the end of the day… The Sens need to stop looking back and focus on the future, because they still have some good young players.

Stirring the pot and hiring a coach with leadership qualities will get the job done.

In bursts

– I like the quote.

– With good reason.

– The goal is there.

– This is ridiculous.

– Nice addition for the Eagles.

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