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The future of the Jets in Winnipeg: the owner is aware that the situation is precarious
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The Jets have a great team this season. And with the acquisition of Sean Monahan, Winnipeg is in a good position to go a long way in the playoffs.

The team is in third place in a good division, three points behind the Stars and first place.

The problems aren’t on the ice, but off it, though. As Chris Johnston pointed out on Insider Trading, the situation in the stands is not ideal, with ticket sales down 30%.

Commissioner Gary Bettman will be heading to Manitoba in the next few days to meet with some of the team’s important corporate sponsors.

Is the Jets’ future in Winnipeg at risk? Not necessarily. Team owner Mark Chipman doesn’t want anything to do with selling or moving the team, but he is aware that a relocation may be necessary if the situation doesn’t improve.

The situation we’re in now isn’t going to work in the long term. It’s just not the case. – Mark Chipman

When the Thrashers moved from Atlanta to Canada, tickets sold well. But since the pandemic, it’s been tough. Over the past three years, average ticket sales have dropped from 13,000 to 9,500.

That’s a pretty surprising record when you consider the Jets’ playoff crowds…

But in the regular season, Winnipeg rivals the Sharks and Sabres for last place in terms of average attendance at home games…

What we need to understand about the situation, then, is this: the owner doesn’t want to move, but he’s not closing the door on it eventually (if ticket sales don’t improve). Several teams have shown interest in recent days/weeks for an NHL team.

Salt Lake City, Kansas City, Quebec City, Houston, Atlanta: all are motivated to be the 33rd expansion franchise. We also know that the Coyotes issue is slowing down the process and that an expansion won’t happen until their situation is resolved.

As for the Jets’ future in Winnipeg, do they have a university arena nearby to play NHL games? I’m asking for a friend… But honestly, I don’t think Bettman will be as patient with the Jets as he was with his baby in Arizona.

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– PP Legend.

– What’s going to happen with him?

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