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Joel Edmundson and David Savard linked to the Maple Leafs
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With the trade deadline approaching, there are bound to be plenty of names to keep an eye on. Just because Sean Monahan has already headed to Winnipeg doesn’t mean it’s all over…

Who should we keep an eye on?

The Fourth Period website has updated its list of players to watch ahead of the deadline. And if there’s one easy conclusion to draw, it’s that the Maple Leafs need help on defense.

Are all defensemen tied to the Leafs? No. But there are several backs who are. And among them are two names well known to hockey fans in Montreal: David Savard and Joel Edmundson.

This isn’t the first time Savard’s name has appeared on the list, of course. In his case, however, the question is whether the Habs are interested in trading him.

Kent Hughes said the Habs weren’t thinking of trading him, but that no one was untouchable. Pierre LeBrun said much the same thing. The main interested party doesn’t want to leave.

The defenseman may be linked to the Maple Leafs and Lightning by TFP, but if the Habs decide that his leadership is worth more than the offers on the table from Kent Hughes, the Quebec defenseman will stay.

I’m not sure, either, that Kent Hughes wants to arrive at the next draft without the option of withholding salary for one of his players. That weighs in the balance, too.

Savard is really loved by everyone. Losing him would be a blow.

Then it’s on to Joel Edmundson. This is the first time his name has circulated on TFP’s roster, but it’s no surprise that the one at the end of his contract is an option.

Even though he’s injury-prone and not a #1 defenseman (he was the least-used defenseman against the Habs yesterday) for the Capitals, he has plenty of experience and is a player built for the playoffs.

TFP has linked him to the Maple Leafs, Oilers and Avalanche. Who knows how many clubs will call in the end?

Remember that he earns $3.5 million, but the Habs have retained $1.75 million of that amount. The Capitals can trade him for $1.75 million or 50% of that, making him very affordable.

The Habs traded him last summer for a third-round pick and a seventh-round pick for one year at 50% of his salary. What is he worth today? And will the price in question be enough for the Caps to agree to trade him?

Kaapo Kakko is also on The Fourth Period’s list. The same goes for Jake Allen and Jonatan Berggren, who has already been linked to the Habs and was again this morning.

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– They have to score.

– Jean Perron is in a good mood. [LPB]

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