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Marie-Philip Poulin no longer works for the Canadiens
In 2022, the Canadiens announced the hiring of Marie-Philip Poulin as Player Development Consultant.

This part-time hiring allowed her to concentrate on her professional career.

We wondered if, since the creation of the FHL, Poulin was still employed by the Habs.

The answer is no. That’s what she said on Tout le monde en parle a few days ago.

She told Louis Morissette that the new hockey league allows her to play full-time without having to work a second job to support her financially.

The team’s general manager, Danièle Sauvageau, confirmed that the average salary for players is 55,000 USD. That’s around 75,000 CAD, which is a good salary in Canada. The players negotiated the collective agreement before the season, and this was one of their first arguments. They wanted the athletes to be able to concentrate 100% on hockey.

The exact salary of each player is not available to everyone (as it is in the NHL and other professional leagues), but obviously this is something they would like to provide. Agents obviously have access to this information.

Sauvageau also confided that the salary cap was $1.265 million.

It was a great initiative by Guy A. Lepage and his group to invite Sauvageau, Poulin, Ann-Sophie Bettez and Ann-Renée Desbiens into the TLMEP studio. This allowed viewers to learn more about the girls and the league, which is doing very well so far.

Bettez even asserted that the quality/price ratio is better than that of the Montreal Canadiens. I don’t doubt that for a second. The difference in ticket prices is considerable.

Now I can’t wait to find out the new name of the Montreal team. The name “L’Écho” is causing quite a stir at the moment. Sorry for the pun.

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