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Elliotte Friedman: “Martin St-Louis has a big future in Montreal”.

Being a head coach in the National Hockey League isn’t an easy job.

It comes with responsibilities, stress, a lot of pressure… And sometimes, coaches just get behind a team’s bench for one reason or another.

In fact, it’s pretty rare these days to see a coach lead a team for 10 years or so, and it’s with this in mind that Richard Labbé and Alexandre Pratt are talking about Martin St-Louis leaving within the next two years.

Elliotte Friedman took the time to talk about yesterday’s game between the Islanders and the Habs, and he talked about the Habs’ head coach.

The tipster said that Martin St-Louis “has a big future in Montreal” and that he expects the current Habs coach to be very successful with the Habs…

But Friedman also imagines a world where Patrick Roy is the Tricolore’s coach:

Martin St-Louis has a big future in Montreal. I think he’s going to do a good job and win a lot of games there (in Montreal). But you have to look at the situation and imagine what it would be like if Patrick Roy coached the Habs. – Elliotte Friedman

Patrick Roy’s visit to Montreal has been the talk of the town.

There’s been a lot of talk about his appointment as head coach of the Islanders since last weekend… And the fact that his club was in town yesterday really caught a lot of people’s attention.

It’s not for nothing, after all, that over 650,000 people tuned in (on average per minute) to last night’s Habs game on RDS.

That said, the idea of Roy leading the Habs was (and still is) popular because he’s a Montreal legend. But seeing all the media coverage he’s getting when he’s NOT EVEN in Montreal leads me to believe it would be a real fiasco.

We already know the atmosphere surrounding the Montreal Canadiens, hehe.

Going back to Elliotte Friedman’s comments…

Seeing the informer say this out loud suggests that Martin St-Louis has the support of management. St-Louis is only in his second full year behind the bench with the Montreal Canadiens, and the team has made (quiet) progress since he took over.

But I have a feeling that it’s his relationship with Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton that will help him stay in Montreal for a long time. If Martin St-Louis gets the club to where management wants it to be, I don’t see why the organization wouldn’t want to extend his contract.

The results have to be there, though. Otherwise… Hughes and Gorton will have an agonizing choice to make.

In gusto

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