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Steve Staios opens the door for Benoît Groulx
This morning, Steve Staios, President of Hockey Operations and General Manager of the Ottawa Senators, spoke to the media.

Naturally, the subject of Patrick Roy came up again. That’s normal, after all, since it’s the topic of the hour and Sens fans feel they’ve missed it.

That’s true.

And much like Michael Andlauer said the day before, the Sens president asserted that it was a “question of timing” that prevented Patrick Roy from being hired by the Senators.

That’s right.

What’s interesting is that Staios mentioned that Benoît Groulx’s name was also very interesting. He is, like many others, a good coach in the eyes of the club’s hockey boss.

Yesterday, Michael Andlauer said the same thing.

Does this mean that the Sens are about to take the interim coaching job away from Jacques Martin and give it to a guy like Benoît Groulx? No, it really doesn’t.

After all, the Sens are “impressed” with the Franco-Ontarian’s work, and he’ll finish the season. He’ll probably be replaced this summer, as everyone expects.

That being said…

Put yourself in the shoes of the Ottawa Senators players, who are well aware that Jacques Martin is not the long-term solution since he replaced DJ Smith.

The players saw their owner say that Patrick Roy was an important target. He also mentioned Benoît Groulx, an important face in the region due to his years with the Olympiques.

Then, the next day, similar remarks were made by Steve Staios, Michael Andlauer’s right-hand man. The guys are talking about an Islanders employee and a coach currently available.

How much does this undermine Jacques Martin’s credibility? How badly do the players want to work their butts off to play for Martin, who really does look, more than ever, like a consolation prize?

No, Jacques Martin is not in an easy position.

In gusto

– Good words for Joshua Roy.

– Interesting.

– Really?

– The topic of the hour.

– I doubt it.

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