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Mark Messier poured his bile on a New York Rangers player
Credit: YouTube

The living legend of the Edmonton Oilers and New York Rangers was highly critical of a member of his former team, the New York Rangers. In Messier’s (and other analysts’) eyes, Jonny Brodzinski had a bitch of a time seeing the Tom Wilson train heading his way, leading him to turn his back on number 43.

This sequence obviously sent Wilson straight to the dock, but in Messier’s reality, Wilson in no way deserved this penalty because of Brodzinski’s (cowardly) move… which is giving the famous number 11 a hard time.

Here’s the venom Messier poured on Brodzinski via the ESPN television network (alongside P.K. Subban):

“In the time I played, it wasn’t even a penalty. I could never have played for 26 years if I’d put myself in a vulnerable position like that. My career would have lasted five years instead. I’m so tired of seeing players put themselves in vulnerable positions. It drives me crazy!” – Messier

Watching the video, it’s impossible to contradict Messier’s speech, since Brodzinski’s cowardly gesture remains a fact, not an opinion.

Even so, Wilson had to live with the reprisals of the 30-year-old center’s teammates, who never managed to settle down full-time in the National League.

Despite the vulnerable position Brodzinski put himself in, the zebra men chased Wilson away for giving away tape. Wilson was understandably explosive this time…

It’s worth noting that in this first duel of two in 24 hours between the two clans, the Capitals ran away with a 3-2 win, a triumph that brought the Caps within two points of the Wild Card position.

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