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Stéphane Waite wants to see Marc-André Fleury in Montreal next year

Let’s talk about the goalkeepers for a moment. It’s been a long time coming…

Tonight, Cayden Primeau will start, even though Samuel Montembeault stole Saturday’s game against the Rangers. The Quebecer won’t have the chance to build on his fine performance just yet.

What’s next? We don’t know who will play on Thursday and Saturday. But clearly, someone will feel they’re not playing enough. That’s what a ménage à trois is all about.

While everyone wonders what it will take to see Jake Allen traded to another organization, Samuel Montembeault’s playing time continues to be the talk of the town.

After all, the guy has to play if the club wants to win.

I don’t think you’ve learned anything from my opening paragraphs. After all, you know that the goaltending trio works, but is not optimal.

It works because the guys are understanding.

Right now, the thought of adding one more goalie isn’t on the table. Unless, of course, the Habs find a way to add a Yaroslav Askarov or a goalie of the future, adding is not the answer.

The goal? To take a goalie out of the Habs’ line-up.

That’s why, like me, you may have jumped at the chance to see the following RDS publication. It features Stéphane Waite suggesting that Marc-André Fleury should come to town next year, when his contract expires.

Exactly what the doctor ordered: one more goalie… #MénageÀ4

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Seeing Waite suggest Fleury as Montembeault’s deputy (which would imply Jake Allen and Cayden Primeau would be gone) is a joke. You can hear it in his tone.

And in his words.

I’d like to start another controversy. – Stéphane Waite to kick things off… before laughing

But hey. Someone at RDS decided to cut up the clip and post it on social networks… the way it was done. Clearly, it’s there to make people talk, we agree.

I can only imagine that Patrick Huard enjoyed the pocket shots during the clip… or not.

In bursts

– Logan Mailloux is the only healthy right-handed defenseman in Laval right now. Will Gustav Lindstrom join him?

– Well done.

– He speaks his mind.

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